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Structural Simplicity & The STEELRITE® Building System

The STEELRITE® Building System is a complete, turn-key framing shell package. A wide variety of choices for materials and products gives you the most economical and practical solution in the market today. From the slab and up, our system begins with design & engineering of the building stability package (i.e. shear walls). Our highly experienced team is involved throughout all phases of construction. We pre-manufacture wall panels that can be hoisted into place and screwed together. A variety of floor systems can be used based on the building's requirements for sound transmission class (STC) and impact isolation class (IIC). We then top off the building with pre-engineered roof trusses and metal sheathing to ensure non-combustibility. This system, from the slab up, offers you the best in structural simplicity to provide a stronger, lighter solution that is built to last.

We can install pre-engineered, factory-built, trusses and sheathing that are a 100% non-combustible, "Green" solution.
Sheet steel or moment-framed shear walls are introduced into the framing to meet seismic, wind and building stability requirements.
For a floor solution with better sound and fire performance, the ThinFlor™ System, consisting of a 2.5" concrete pour over an 8" metal long-span decking, can be installed quickly and economically.
For a floor solution that is a lighter and more economical, we can integrate joists.
A wide variety of light-gauge steel framing can be used to panelize  load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls both on and off-site, depending on jobsite requirements.
Pre-frabricated exterior panels can be sheathed as well to speed the erection process and eliminate the need for scaffolding on-site.
Because light-gauge steel has the strongest strength-to-weight ratio, it is by far the right choice to reduce foundation requirements... saving you money and time!



Watch it all come together...