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THINFLOR™ Composite Floor System

THINFLOR™ Composite Floor System

Proven, reliable, and cost-effective

The THINFLOR™ System from STEELRITE® can be a one or two hour fire-rated, structurally superior composite floor. It is specially designed for use in hotels, multi story residential buildings, long-term care facilities, multi family residential units, schools and/or office buildings.

THINFLOR™ will accommodate all wall systems including lightweight steel framing, structural steel, masonry or poured concrete, insulated concrete forms or wood framing construction. It is a proven, reliable, and cost-effective composite steel deck installed in almost 1000 buildings to date. THINFLOR™ is lightweight and self-seating for long-span flooring requirements. It is easy to work with and can be rapidly installed in even the tightest of work environments. It is a practical solution especially when building in, and around, tight downtown locations where large truck access is limited.

The THINFLOR™System is designed for applications and use in all building construction. It’s unique concept allows for flexible design options. It easily accommodates the placement of all services, duct work and conduit. Metal deck sections can be supplied pre-cut to your specifications for even greater time and material savings. THINFLOR™ is best used in facilities where fire rating is paramount and can be adapted to many other environmentally friendly building opportunities. It is an economical and creative option for the construction of mezzanines, dry-deck roofing and roof-top green spaces or gardens.

THINFLOR™ Composite Floor System

Ten Reasons to Specify THINFLOR™

  1. STEELRITE® Thinflor™ is a permanent steel form that eliminates the need for temporary forms.
  2. STEELRITE® Thinflor™ acts compositely with the concrete to provide reinforcing for the slab.
  3. STEELRITE® Thinflor™ slabs can span up to 32 feet. Longer spans require fewer structural supports.
  4. Steel beams, load-bearing metal studs, masonry, insulated concrete block forms, and pured concrete are all compatible with STEELRITE® Thinflor™
  5. STEELRITE® Thinflor™ slabs can be designed with a fire rating up to two hours.
  6. Independent sound transmission (STC) tests prove that STEELRITE® Thinflor™ slabs outperform other floor systems.
  7. STEELRITE® Thinflor™ uses less concrete than a traditional solid slab, reducing total concrete volume up to 30%
  8. STEELRITE® Thinflor™ provides exceptional diaphram action for lateral stability of the building.
  9. The STEELRITE® Thinflor™ creates a concrete beam element between units. At the edge of the building, this beam can support masonry veneer or other exterior finishes.
  10. STEELRITE® Thinflor™ slabs allow low floor-to-floor height, which keeps overall building height to a minimum while maximizing the usable interior height.